Tips For Caring For Your Eyes During The Hot Summer Months

Posted on: 1 February 2017

Since the summertime sun is very strong and extra bright, it is important that you take special steps to protect the health of your eyes. By keeping your eyes as safe as possible, you are proactively protecting your vision for the future. To this end, follow these tips to protect your eyes from the sun this summer:

Tip: Always Wear Sunglasses Outdoors in the Sun

Whether it is cloudy or clear outside, you should always wear eye protection when you are outside in the summer sun. If you have ever spent a day outside when it was overcast only to find that you received a nasty sunburn, then you have seen first-hand how strong the sun's rays really are. Just as the sun's rays can harm your skin through the clouds on an overcast day, the same is also true for how it can damage your eyes. For this reason, you should always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors during the summer.

Tip: Wear Sunglasses with Ultraviolet Ray Protection

If you purchase non-prescription sunglasses, then you should always choose pairs that have ultraviolet (UV) sun ray protection. UV protectant sunglasses are available in a wide range of different prices and styles. For the best protection, you should also choose sunglasses that have frames that wrap around the sides of your eyes. Additionally, since you want to achieve the maximum protection for your eyes from the sun, you should always select sunglasses that have wide lenses. Wearing glasses that have small lenses will not provide adequate protection from the sun and even if they are currently in style, for the sake of your eyes, they should be avoided.

Tip: Wear Polarized Lenses Outdoors Near Water

When you purchase sunglasses, you should choose pairs that have polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are different than other eyeglass lenses because they help to reduce the glare and reflections of sunlight that you see bouncing off of the water and other shiny surfaces. If you participate in boating and other water sports, then polarized sunglasses are a requirement. 

Tip: Always Have an Emergency Pair of Sunglasses 

Finally, if you wear prescription sunglasses, then you should always have a second pair that you can use if your daily pair becomes damaged. Also, if you participate in active outdoor activities during the summer such as boating and camping, then you should always make sure that you have specialized eye protection for those activities as well.

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