Caring For Your Child's Eyes: What You Can Do

Posted on: 30 June 2020

Your child's eyes may not have seen too much as of yet, but those young eyes need care much like an adult's eyes. If you don't help take care of your child's eyes, it could set up your child for a lifetime of poor vision. To help take care of your child's vision, there are things you need to do. Read on for helpful information to help you take care of your child's eyes.
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3 Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy Year After Year

Posted on: 24 January 2019

You only have one set of eyes, so it's obviously important that you do what you can to maintain your vision. While a regular exam from your eye doctor can help, there are plenty of other things you can do on a daily or regular basis to ensure good eye health. Keep the following tips in mind if you want to maintain your vision and good eye health for as long as possible.
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See Your Eye Doctor For Prompt Treatment Of A Corneal Abrasion

Posted on: 2 July 2018

When you get dust or grit in your eye, it can feel uncomfortable and painful. It can feel like you have a large foreign object in your eye, even if you can't see anything unusual. That's because the cornea of your eye is extremely sensitive. A tiny scratch can be enough to cause discomfort. A corneal abrasion usually heals quickly if it is small, but it's still a good idea to go to the eye doctor for an examination if it feels like your eye is scratched.
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Tips For Owning Reading Glasses

Posted on: 16 March 2018

Being able to read is a skill that can prove to be invaluable. Yet, vision problems can make it extremely difficult for individuals to be able to see enough detail to read. While these individuals may not require glasses for every aspect of their daily lives, reading glasses for adults can be an excellent investment to make. Have Glasses With An Appropriate Prescription It is often possible to buy reading glasses at drug stores or other retailers.
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